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The Brighter Side of Motorcycle Riding

Generally, riding on a motorcycle is considered dangerous. Many people are afraid to ride on a motorcycle. The reason for this is the involvement of many motorcycles in a lot of accidents. According to statistics, 72.34 for every 100,000 registered motorcycles are involved in fatal crashes. The risk associated with motorcycle crash is 35 times greater than the risk of car crash. Motorcycle accidents usually lead to amputation of a body part, paralysis of an area in the body and even death. This makes people dislike riding on a motorcycle.

On the other hand, many people still choose to ride on a motorcycle no matter what the statistics say. Riding on motorcycles has involved different things from passion to practicality. Aside from being adventurous, people involved in riding on a motorcycle has other reasons for still preferring to ride.

Let us try to look at motorcycle riding on a different perspective.
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When facing traffic, it is convenient for every rider to use motorcycles. Because motorcycles are small, you easily pass through and overcome heavy traffics. A motorcycle has its way through cars that are stuck in heavy traffic. This is the reason why motorcycles are able go to the places they plan to go in a short period of travelling. Parking space is difficult to find for people who own cars but this is not the same for people who own motorcycles. Because a motorcycle does not consume a lot of space, looking for a place to park is not part of their struggle.
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The cost of a motorcycle is another thing taken into consideration by these riders. Comparing a motorcycle to a car, the former is cheaper in price than the latter. Financial expenses nowadays cannot be easily neglected by a lot of people. That is why most people prefer to purchase a motorcycle than a car. Motorcycles are low maintenance too compared to cars. Thus, this is another way to save money.

Another is that the usage of fuel in a motorcycle is not as much as the usage of fuel in a car so the owner is also able to spend less on its fuel. The amount of carbon dioxide produced is 30 percent lower than a car can produce which makes a motorcycle less harmful to the environment.

A lot of people still prefer to ride on a motorcycle because of other reasons like the things they feel when riding. The adventure they get during riding a motorcycle gives them more interest in riding. Yes, there are risks associated with riding on motorcycles but for these people, the risks just adds to the enjoyment of riding.

For some people, riding a motorcycle boosts their self-esteem. It is because they were able to do the thing most people fear.
The riders were able to get home safely overcoming the dangers associated with motorcycles.