Dr Roger Coletti Makes A Breakthrough In Chronic Pain

Those who live with chronic pain understand how debilitating it truly can be. The never-ending pain often leaves the body worn down and weary. Anxiety and depression are very common for those suffering with pain, sometimes medication addiction is a problem, as the body is looking for relief of any kind. Aside from medication, some physicians suggest exercise or physical therapy for pain relief, but these activities don’t usually have a good success record, as simple tasks are hard to complete, let alone a work-out at the gym. Even a walk around the block can seem like too much on certain days.

Fortunately, a new name associated with muscle spasm pain is Dr Roger Coletti. Dr. Coletti’s exciting new breakthrough is destined to change the life of many living with the pain of constant muscle spasms. It has been realized that when a muscle begins to spasm, it cuts off the blood supply to that specific muscle or group of muscles. When the blood supply is gone, instability occurs in the muscle, much like cardiac arrest does to the heart muscle. This constant and unrelenting spasm can cause unbearable pain to those suffering with this condition.

With much research, Dr. Coletti discovered a treatment that will release the spasming muscle back to its original state. The treatment consists of a medication injected directly into the muscle, guided by an EMG machine. The relief is almost instantaneous and one treatment may be all it takes for long-lasting relief. The doctor first attempted this procedure with Botox, but it took too long for results to be realized and it was quite expensive, causing it to be unattainable to many. Next the drug Dibenzyline was tried and worked with great success. Dibenzyline, along with a few additional medications, began to give excellent results for many people suffering from chronic pain. It gave them back a quality of life they thought was gone forever.

Permanent relief has been successful in a variety of people, from car accident victims, to athletes or anyone dealing with muscle spasms. Every one should be thankful to Dr. Coletti and his research. The doctor is a dedicated professional that has given life back to those who were suffering.